West Carteret Water Corporation
4102 Hwy 24
Newport, NC 28570

February 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Hasler:

On behalf of West Carteret Water Corporation, I would like to extend our appreciation for the assistance your firm provided our organization during our recent meter change out. It is without reservation that we recommend Advanced Utility Services to any utility preparing to undertake this daunting task. The work involved with installing a large quantity of meters requires coordination between the installation contractor, utility field staff, billing department and, most importantly, water customers. Your ability to provide great customer service to our account holders helped to make this transition much easier. As you know, not all customers are going to be receptive to any change, but your company exercised professionalism while dealing with each account individually.

Your ability and willingness to provide software assistance to fit our needs was noted and appreciated. AUS completed a 90-day project with 30 days to spare; a great deal of IT information had to be absorbed by our billing department. Your knowledge, suggestions, and transmittal of accurate computer/meter information were key in making that a successful endeavor.

As a board member of the state's water association, I hear many meter change-out stories. These projects do not always proceed as smoothly as hoped. In our case, we were more than pleased and I have been quick to inform everyone what a great job AUS did. Lastly, I will not forget that you personally offered your assistance to help with field customer service if we needed it. We are hopeful that funding to complete the next phase of our AMI project will be available by the end of 2014. I certainly hope that we can use AUS if the funding becomes available.

Lisa D. Smith-Perri
General Manager/Executive Director




Letter of Reference


Prospective client,

  The C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc operates as a distributor, service and design company encompassing all markets within the water and wastewater industry. For over 50 years we have established hundreds of partnerships with water and wastewater utilities throughout WV, OH, KY and TN providing everything solution or material need from simple clamps and repair couplings to complex custom SCADA system and turnkey AMR/AMI project.

   Approximately 3 years ago CITCO began partnering with AUS to help facilitate the installation process of our Sensus systems during times where our own installation service teams were already engaged in projects. Over the course of several projects and through the effort and results of AUS’s ownership and staff we choose to work exclusively with their team for all of our installation requirements. AUS’s ability to provide the required manpower to quickly, efficiently and professional install meter replacement projects is far superior to other installation companies we have worked with in the past. Couple their work ethic with the amount of quality control, technical knowledge and unmatched process control and you have the confidence in a partnership that will streamline this labor intensive process.  AUS staff’s ability is also exemplified in the demographic that CITCO operates. The vast majority of our systems are small rural districts with large footprints that require extra understanding and effort to organize and maintain consistent data flow and communication. These smaller system, normally 2500 accounts or less, are extra sensitive to time management and sensitivity to billing cycle interruptions and AUS shines in ensuring these critical processes stay intact and uninterrupted.

   Myself and CITCO remain unwavering in our partnership with AUS and their ability to perform our installation requirements, consistently, professional and with a constant drive for process improvement.



Jeremy McComas

VP Municipal Sales