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Cameron Caruthers 
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Mike Mclaughlin
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President - Mike Smith

Mike worked with Crews and Associates an Investment Banking firm from 1996 – 2006. During this time Mike held a Series 7 license and 62 licenses. While at Crews and Associates Mike was responsible for underwriting millions of dollars of municipal bonds and municipal equipment leases for cities, towns and utilities. Mike spent most of his time working with water utilities while at Crews and Associates and it was during this time that Mike took advantage of that time to learn about the water meter industry. In 2006 Mike, along with two others, approached HD Supply Waterworks, a fortune five hundred company and the country’s largest water supply store to start a new division. This new division had never been tried inside HD Supply, but it would revolutionize HD Supply by bringing a turnkey solution to the industry for automatic water read products. This new division known as the National Service Group would bring the equipment, installation and financing to the customer in one offering for automatic meter read projects. While working with HD Supply from 2006 to 2012, Mike was very successful in selling millions of dollars’ worth of automatic water meter projects and was a regional sales manager for HD Supply. Also from 2006 till 2009 Mike was part owner in a meter Installation Company known as Utility Services Associates (USA) which he founded and later sold his shares. While owning USA Mike brought projects such as Plano, TX 60,000 meters, Mobile, AL 16,000 meters and many other projects which were very successful for USA. In 2011 Mike decided to start Advanced Utility Services (AUS); since starting AUS, Mike has assembled a very experienced team to insure the success of AUS. There is a combined 65 years’ experience assembled with the AUS team. With Mike’s experience of the industry AUS is poised to become one of the premier installation company’s in the country. AUS does an abundant amount of work for Sensus metering and the distribution companies for Sensus.


Chief Operating Officer- Cameron Caruthers 

Cameron has 10 years experience in utility meter installation and came to AUS with a broad understanding of the industry as well as customer relations. Cameron has worked for several companies in the industry before finally finding a home at AUS. At AUS and prior to here he has been responsible for the successful completion of over 36 AMI/AMR projects. Cameron brings standards and leadership that he developed during his time in the military. Cameron enlisted into the United States Army and served on active duty for a 6 year term. His customer first attitude and knowledge of both the field and data integration process make him a key asset to our company. Cameron oversees all company operations and is responsible for customer and client relations, company policies and standards, contracts, marketing and pricing, as well as training and mentoring current and future project managers. Cameron's core belief is that a company is not successful without the happiness of their customers and employees.


Regional Manager- Mike Mclaughlin

Mike has been a valuable asset to the overall success of AUS since joining the team in 2018. His dedication and commitment to his customers and those that he directs is unmatched. Mike has managed the successful completion of 37 AMI/AMR projects. Mike has maintained a near perfect final read rate after intergration with the lowest having a final read of the new intergrated and installed system of 97.6% which is well above expectations and industry standards. He has the true belief that no meter is left uninstalled and works with contractors,utilites and employees to achieve the goal of a true turn key system. His past experience as a union project superintendent for both the pipe fitting and construction fields has contributed to his high success in the installation industry. Mike currently is responsible for the management of project launches, project setup, employee training, daily operations of each ongoing project, logistical coordination, project plans,inventory control and staffing. Mike serves in one of the most vital roles for the company. AUS is grateful for the commitment and promise Mike has provided us with.